Monday, November 24, 2008

An Update from Sue Leber

Beloved, I spoke with Nichole on Wed. (11/19) about how she was doing and when they were going to start the Chemo treatments. Nichole is doing well, she’s walking around and able to care for herself pretty well, besides getting out to Dr. appointments she is also able to go to the store with drivers. Shawni, her regular Nanny helper is doing a great job with the kids and Nichole is very happy with how things are going. When I speak to her on the phone her voice is strong and her spirits are full of joy. There is much to be thankful for. There are still many choices to make with the type of treatment ahead. She asks for your prayers in this area as they make their final decisions. They are still looking at doctors out of the area for the best and most effective treatment. These are life and death decisions that must be made and they are seeking out God's will to make these decisions. They ask for peace and strength to endure any future treatment Nichole must undergo. As of next week we will no longer need helpers for Nichole’s personal care until her condition changes. She would like to only have help with cleaning her home 2 times a week and meals, 3 times a week as displayed on the calendar / sign- up schedule, I will continue to send out. I’ll continue to schedule rides to any appointments that arise. She also would like to schedule an on-call person to come help her with the children on Saturdays, if Norm is working. This would mean you can sign up and I’ll schedule you and you will need to contact Nichole on Friday evening to find out if you are needed. Unless there is other needs to be met I will send out a new calendar next week just before I leave for the Thanksgiving holiday. I’ll be gone from Tuesday the 25th until Monday Dec.1 so please fill in the remainder of needs before then. Some of you have asked about the Greene's plans for Thanksgiving and they will be receiving a meal that day and would like to enjoy each other’s company.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I received this update last night from Sue Leber.

Nichole is doing well and recovering as expected. The infection is clearing and there is no obsesses. She has a good appetite, which is a great sign.

There are a few changes in the schedule due to one of our regular helpers, needing some time to recover from an injury (a couple of weeks). Please be praying for her.

Nichole will need more rides soon as more dr. appointments arise.
Chemo treatments have not been scheduled yet, but soon.

The Greenes have decided to add another meal to be delivered each week, since Nichole can eat now and needs to put on a few pounds while she can. (One on Sat)

Nichole has asked us to continue to pray for wisdom for the decisions ahead, for the doctors to find the right treatment for this type of cancer or to find other doctors with the more experience with this cancer, whether here or out of state.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another brief update from Sue Leber...

Nichole is doing well at home, although she does have an infection and needs to recover from that before any chemo treatments can begin. She is regaining her strength and Norm is doing a great job as evening Nurse. All those that have been available to help, Thank you! Please continue to pray for her recovery and that the doctors make the right choice on the chemo treatment. Pray that Nichole and Family will stay healthy leading up to and through the treatments ahead. Pray for the helpers to stay healthy as well.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here is a brief update on Nichole, listing some of her needs as well. If you would like to help, contact Sue Leber. I will give them a call soon so I can post a more detailed update. Continue to pray for them!

Nichole is doing well at home. She's very happy to be there, as are the kids and Norm. As of today the most urgent need is for the care of Nichole during the daytime (this week, wed, thu, fri. still open). She would prefer someone comfortable with medical things or someone with medical experience. She needs help getting around and changing some bandages. And you shouldn't have your own children with you for this time. There is also the need of rides for Nichole to doctor appts. If you can be available on call for rides please let me know and as appointments are made I will contact you with more details. Please contact me via email if you can help with any of these things.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Nichole is home now! Her house is abuzz with helpers watching the kids, cleaning up, and making sure she can rest. Nichole and I had a nice talk today about prayer, about the danger in putting God in a box, and about the great privilege we have as believers to go boldly before the throne of grace, asking what we will in Jesus' name, and EXPECTING an answer. God delights in answering our "impossible" prayers, so I pray daily for what may seem impossible in Nichole's life. God is great, and nothing is impossible with Him!!