Friday, August 8, 2008

Cervical cancer

This is not Nichole. My name is JenM, and I am a friend of Nichole's-have been for 17 years, we were in each others' weddings. She was one of my candlelighters, and I was one of her bridesmaids. Her wedding was performed in the Baptist church I attended as a child.
Nichole is feeling tired today. She is resting while I type. Nichole wants to meet other young women fighting cervical cancer, and that is why I titled this post, "cervical cancer", in the hopes that ijt will come up in a search for cervical cancer.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

June Updates

Week 4
The blessing poured in as the flood waters built up. Our family was sieged with yet another virus. In the course of approximate 2 months, our family endured 3 virus. By God's amazing grace, I got one virus, the mildest of the three. My blood work was good throughout the chemo. The side effects hit me hard. At one point I turned to Norm and told him maybe I should quit, it's too hard. Dr. B. said he wouldn't let me. At that point, I continued on trusting the Lord. If it's the Lord's will I live I must continue to fight. My Lord, my family, and friends were my motivation. I also didn't want to exchange my comfort for my mission field. You see that dreaded chemo room was my platform for the gospel. Right in the middle of a roomful of people without hope on their way to hell. How could I not at least share the hope that I have! Looking back now, I wish I shared more. Rachel who has melathusoloma lives nears church, Nadine who is terminal, a 32 year old man going through a divorce and testicular cancer, an Australian woman with reoccurring ovarian cancer, a woman baffling breast cancer and another woman with stage 3 cervical cancer that metatasized And there are others. the Lord knows them, please pray for all of their souls.

Week 5
There was a time I really felt like I could not go on. Dr.B. even hesitated as he saw me suffering. I probably lived off of the IV fluid, my veins are becoming worn out. God was kind to allow me to find a place near home to be hydrated. Bitter sweet, I wasn't in the battlefield/mission field with the others in the chemo room. instead I was isolated with my dear sisters in the Lord, who sacrificially gave of their time to sit with me in my sickness. Thank you Amy, Dinah, and Julie.
Friday morning, Dr. Friedman (GYN Oncology), Dr. Berkwitz (Medical Oncology) , " the Medicine Man" Dr. Ellabrook (External Beam Radiation Oncologist), and Dr. Botnik (Internal Radition Oncologist) all met together to make life changing decisions for their patients. The Lord knew I could not take anymore, so I believe He prompt my Dr.'s to say enough with the chemo. So I got the good news over the weekend. No more chemo!!!