Sunday, September 28, 2008

Please Pray!

Greetings! Nichole asked me to update her blog again (it's been a while!) so I will gladly do so. Nichole has recently received bad news... there is growth that the doctors weren't aware of that was detected in her most recent testing. Nichole can feel the pressure of the tumor (we assume), and the doctors want to operate in the next week or two. She hasn't been told the complete diagnosis at this point, but should hear tomorrow. Nichole continues to trust the Lord and rely on His promises, though it is admittedly difficult! This morning she told me, "I'm not going down without a fight!" She is seeking all the help she can get, and has the advocacy of so many at Grace.
1. Pray that the Lord would lead them to the best decision, quickly.
2. Pray that they would be at peace with the choice that they make, knowing that the Lord had made the decision before the beginning of time.
3. Pray that Nichole would heal quickly.
4. Pray that she would savor each moment with her family and precious kids.
5. Pray for the body of Christ to overwhelm them with support in every way.
6. Pray that their faith would be unwavering.
Please consider a way that you can show your support for the Greene family. There are many ways to help! Your prayers, a note of encouragement, help with the kids, spiritual encouragement for both Norm and Nichole, the kids, etc. This is your opportunity to serve and uphold a struggling family in the body of Christ! I guarantee you will be blessed beyond measure. Don't waste the opportunity!