Monday, March 23, 2009

Sue Leber NOT in Africa

There is a scam going around, an e-mail saying Sue is in Africa. She's not. She is just fine. Delete that e-mail.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Josie and Camdyn were so excited to see each other!

Levi, happy little guy that he is!

Waiting for dinner...the kids have such a good time together.

Norm was fixing one of the swings for the kids and Levi, Macy and Camdyn were so interested...

Ansel and Noah

The Greene's new pet goats... the kids had a great time playing with the goats. The goats had no idea the kids wanted to "play", so they were terrified... I'm sure they'll soon get used to the commotion of kids. They were too cute!

I didn't realize that Nichole had surgery this week, so am thankful for the previous post. I intended to post some pictures from last Friday when Kurt and I and the kids were able to spend some time at the Greene's house, but hadn't gotten around to doing that yet, so here they are. I will try to speak with Nichole today and give another update on how she is doing.
As of last Friday, Nichole had been in a lot of pain from her kidneys. She has been on heavy pain medication, but when the meds begin to wear off, she described the pain as "close to child-bearing". Most of us women can relate, but as she said, with child-bearing, there is an end to the pain and then such an incredible blessing that follows that the pain is worth it...anyway please pray that this surgery would decrease the pain that she was in every day and give her relief so she can serve her family and enjoy her days with an ability to think clearly (this is certainly clouded by pain!). Thanks!
Once again, if anyone needs any sort of carpentry (finished carpentry work is best), please know that Norm is a very talented carpenter and will be on hiatus for three months. The family would certainly appreciate any side jobs that you may need to have done as they need the continued source of income.

Friday, March 20, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Nichole had a surgery on Wed. the 18th. She is recovering, in a lot of pain.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I spoke with Nichole on Saturday, then was able to visit with her and Norm for a while at church yesterday. They both had smiles on their faces, and were glad to be at church (though Nichole was struggling with severe kidney pain). They sat through first service in their fellowship group, then sat in the back of their van in the handicapped parking space closest to the patio, so they could listen to the service from the comfort of their van (with the back door open). It was so sweet to see the line of visitors standing next to their van after the service...
Here is the latest information on Nichole's medical condition. Her kidney is giving her much pain. She is unable to sleep much at night because of the pain. Both kidneys are enlarged and problematic, and she will need a major surgery soon to help to specifically see what is going on, and if they can correct it. They are still doing some preliminary testing to attempt to more closely pinpoint what is happening there.
Since Nichole has had a fever after each dose of IV chemo, she will no longer be going in for those treatments. She is only taking the chemo pill, which has much less side-effects.
Nichole is on very strong pain medication (two patches) for her hips (I believe) and kidney.
On the financial side, Nichole has been looking into some clinical studies that she may be able to take part in. Insurance does not cover most of these trials, yet Nichole may want to try to get in on one, which would mean financial strain (or impossibility). Please know that Nichole did not ask me to post this on the blog. She has said over and over that she knows that the Lord will provide all of their needs, and has seen His care for their family so clearly through the generosity of the body of Christ.
To further add to the burden, Norm will be on "hiatus" from work for the next three months. Norm is an incredibly talented finished carpenter, and an extremely hard worker. All that to say if you are in need of any cabinet work or carpentry, please email me and I can get you in touch with Norm. He is available around the middle of March for any side jobs you may have waiting
to be taken care of. My email address is